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You never know what secrets
your family may be hiding...


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Bound Trailer

Bound Trailer

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Welcome to the official website for the short film BOUND


A widow lives a solitary life in a decaying old house, estranged from her children, while harboring a dangerous secret in the basement.




An LA native, Mark has produced and directed numerous films that have played in festivals as well as taken home awards. His last project "Coyote" explored the world of human trafficking in Mexico. His newest film "Bound" focuses on solitude and fear. 

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Sheila is very excited to be making her indie debut in BOUND.  She has fulfilled her lifelong dream to be an actress and a waitress in New York City, doing off Broadway and classical repertory theater.  Since moving to Los Angeles, she has appeared in numerous television shows including ER, 7th Heaven and Sunset Beach. Sheila would like to thank her husband Dante for filming all of her auditions with great fortitude and patience.



Alicia performed onstage in NYC and San Francisco before switching gears to explore film and television. Since moving to Los Angeles she has acted in over 30 films, several webseries, and even a virtual “play”. She recently placed in the top 10 of “The World Monologue Games”, a competition spanning several months and involving thousands of actors across the globe. John Rosenfeld, Diana Castle, and Faline England have all been instrumental guides to her work, instilling in her the belief that empathy is at the heart of storytelling. As humans we have a shared, subconscious heartbeat that connects us; stories allow us a glimpse into this intimate space. 

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Originally from Tennessee, he’s been working in the arts for the last several years. Past screen credits include: The Desert Project, Wrapped, and Destinova. In addition to being an actor, Garrett also teaches theatre and writing in prison institutions across Southern California.



Bound takes a look at a woman's tormented soul. It explores themes of loss, hatred, family and how far a person is willing to go for justice. With outstanding acting by Dionne and an interesting plot, this achievement is worthy of a lot of praise and recognition.
Mark Grabianowski's short film is probably one of the best micro-budget titles I've seen in quite a while. Bound is one of those movies you could debate the finer points of justice upon if you decided to really take things apart. For sure, four stars. Well done.
Bound is a well-made short thriller/drama that asks some serious questions to the viewer. What would you do if you were in Claire’s position? Mark Grabianowski has crafted a stellar short film, aided by some talented cast and crew members.
Mark Grabianowski’s 12-minute short, Bound has just set the stage for a chilling thriller.Bound feels a lot longer than 12 minutes, in the best ways. The screenplay smoothly slips in the exposition, such that the characters and their story do not feel unfamiliar.


Mark Grabianowski